Concierge Cosmetic Solutions (CCS) has brought innovative cosmetic, anti-aging and weight loss solutions to Chicago men and women since 2008.  Although proven highly effective, Botox is just one of the many treatments offered by CCS.  Lead by Dr. Steven Abdelmalak, CCS’s main focus is to develop a customized protocol for each client’s special needs, ensuring their complete satisfaction.  

Dr. Abdelmalak is now offering “Concierge” service to his clients.   The benefit of a concierge physician is that he comes to you, in the convenience of your home or office, around your schedule.  Why waste time from your busy day going to a physician’s office to get a procedure done, when it can be performed wherever you are, at a time best for you? 

The concept is simple, you are not just a customer or patient,  you are a client and partner in attaining your own physical goals using the guidance and expertise of our physician.