About Us

Concierge Cosmetic Solutions (CCS)  is a concept that Dr Steven Abdelmalak, M.D. created after working at several medical spas and weight loss clinics around Chicago.  There were many recurring complaints that patients would express about their experiences with these spas and clinics. 

Such as…

  • The spas/clinics were frequently running late to see the client.
  • Parking is inconvenient and expensive.
  • Clients wished their scheduled appointment times were more convenient for them.
  • Of course, many men and women would prefer not to sit in waiting rooms, letting the world know that they were having cosmetic procedures performed.  Clients wished they had a more private and discrete setting to do these procedures.  

With this in mind, Dr. Abdelmalak realized that there were very few options for those that would like a physician to come to them and provide services according to the client’s own schedule.  CCS promises that you will only receive the most personal of attention, privacy and discretion.  Their results are unmatched.  Nothing less than 100% satisfaction is acceptable.

We believe in addressing the patients long term physical goals, financial considerations and realistic expectations in order to meet their cosmetic and/or weight loss needs.  This means giving each patient the one-on-one attention and personalization of services and products the client deserves.